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Fullstack Developer

Oslo, Norway



Om rollen

Professional expertise is our most important argument in meetings with customers. We live off competence and invest accordingly.

As part of Nimtech, you will collaborate with a team of like-minded, ambitious experts with technical talent and business acumen that your projects need to succeed. Every day brings us a new challenge to solve and a chance to grow professionally and personally.

Vi ser etter folk som kan

  • Takes initiative and stays updated within and beyond their field of expertise 
  • Likes to share knowledge and experiences with both customers and in-house 
  • Takes responsibility and ownership of their own work 
  • Has 3+ years of experience working in IT


  • Experience with DevOps 
  • Experience with lean/agile project methodologies 
  • Experience from both the private and public sectors 
  • Experience with full-stack programming

Dine tekniske ferdigheter

  • Application development with Java and related technologies 
  • CI/CD (Jenkins, CircleCI, AzDevOps, etc.) 
  • Data persistence (Relational databases, document storage, etc.) 
  • Design and development of APIs (REST, GraphQL, etc.) 
  • Container orchestration systems (Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker Swarm, etc.) 
  • Frontend languages (JS + HTML and CSS) 
  • Popular frontend frameworks like ReactJS, AngularJS

Dine personegenskaper

  • Driven to achieve a high level of client and customer satisfaction 
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills 
  • Fits well in a team Passion for delivering high-quality technical solutions 
  • Strong crisis management skills 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills including presentation skills with both technical and non-technical audiences 
  • Natural enthusiasm and ability to learn innovative technologies

Tidligere erfaring med

  • Application development 
  • Development of new applications in large projects 
  • Management of older application portfolios and modernization of these 
  • Consulting experience, or desire to work as a consultant

Hva vi kan tilby

Outdoor Extreme Sport


Bestem din egen arbeidshverdag. Hvilke prosjekter vil du jobbe med?
Hvilke kunder vil du jobbe hos?
Hvilke tider vil du jobbe?

Ha en stor innflytelse på hvordan vi driver butikken internt.

Om oss

Nimtech is a small Norwegian company that provides IT consulting on cloud solutions in addition to application development and consulting for larger companies in Norway. We combine enterprise scale and process with born-in-the-cloud competence. We have substantial expertise in cloud technologies and translate complex business needs into specific technology solutions.

We are currently seeking consultants to strengthen our team of application developers and programmers.

We are looking for someone with a few years of experience in application development and software management. What we are looking for isn’t set in stone but it's important that you are proficient in your field, whether it be front-end, back-end, or full-stack.

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