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Desert in Dark

Our Mission

We are a co-owned workplace with independent colleagues who contribute professional depth externally and exceptional well-being internally.

Our Culture

Strong culture is cultivated by a connection between our values, behaviors, and traditions. At the same time, culture tells us about how we overcome challenges, and this is reflected in our deliveries. Therefore, our cornerstones are competence, trust, and availability.

The strongest cultures are often found in companies with social responsibility, which reflect their values and goals in both internal and public displays and publications. This creates a transparent platform for people to feel connected to the company.

At Nimtech, everyone has ownership. We celebrate all we achieve, and share our defeats, together. This also makes the ownership of the effort greater. We celebrate each other's efforts. This mentality weakens the possibility for silos to arise and removes the boundaries between departments and assignments.

By cultivating each other's strengths and accommodating each other's weaknesses, we have a team that operates in an optimal state on its own.

Our unwavering vision and culture are visible in our social responsibility.

In close collaboration with Doctors Without Borders, Nimtech and our employees will help to upgrade the IT environment to a pure cloud environment and build automations in areas that need it the most.

By supporting å støtte Doctors Without Borders, we aim to enable the organization to focus on more critical work. We want to let Doctors Without Borders do their fantastic work in their field, with aid work, medical supplies, supporting vulnerable communities such as refugee camps, protecting health workers with protective equipment, and much more.

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Our Social Responsibility

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