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Senior ML Engineer

Mustafa is an experienced machine learning engineer with expertise in data engineering and machine learning. He has led cost-saving initiatives, developed data platforms, and introduced innovative data approaches.

Mustafa has also led teams, designed cloud-based data structures, and optimized projects using modern technologies such as Rust, Databricks, Apache Spark, Neo4J, Apache Kafka, and more.

In addition to technical proficiency, Mustafa has developed AutoML solutions, smart home applications, and worked on fraud prevention. He has an impressive track record in machine learning, including algorithm development, bid estimation, and text classification.

Mustafa also has expertise in network technology and self-stabilizing systems. His broad skills and experience make him a valuable resource for data science and technology projects on cloud platforms.

His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset for any team or project requiring advanced knowledge in technology solutions.




Led key cost-reduction initiatives, including a potential 90% savings via a new
hosted database solution and transitioning to a cloud-native data streaming
architecture, using Rust.
• Developed and optimized data platforms, leveraging Databricks with Apache
Spark to provide actionable insights to stakeholders and aiding the Charger
Products team in product enhancement.
• Introduced innovative data strategies, such as an information theory-based analysis that achieved a 97% reduction in data reporting volumes for certain metrics.
• Drove the creation of an internal data analysis framework with Polars (Rustpowered library), resulting in significant cost savings.
• Rewrote the data processing/ingestion pipeline for IoT team in Rust that is
reducing the cost, efficiency and safety of overall data processing system in

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